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Adiabatic Absorber

Available up to 600 mm dia.
Capacity : From 5 Kg/Hr to 1600 Kg/Hr

Adiabatic Hydrogen Chloride Absorber

The Adiabatic absorber is the simplest form of HCl absorber, which can be operated continuously. Under normal operating procedure, Adiabatic Hydrogen Chloride Absorber produces 30 % HCl. Adiabatic Absorber is a vertically mounted Packed Column. The standard configuration of the adiabatic absorber consists of a suitable Glass Packed Column with internals, coil type condenser & cooler with the necessary drain outlet for the acid. The Hydrogen Chloride Gas enters at the bottom of the column & Water flows from the top of column & flows down through the column.

Heat generated by the dilution of Hydrochloric acid gas with water. It vaporizes @30% water and other non-soluble components of the gas stream. Condensed stream together with make up water is returned to the packed tower and discharged from the bottom of the column after cooling by cooling water.