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In the manufacturing process of Lining, the quality of lining materials and the method of lining are of critical considerations. Metallic parts should never get in contact with corrosive media. Plastics have the unique property by which they do not get dissolved in any known industrial solvent either organic or inorganic. The Fluoropolymer Plastics like PTFE, PFA, PEP, ETFE, PVDF etc. have superior corrosion resistance to practically all the chemicals & solvents and that too at a higher temperatures ranging upto 250 degress Celsius.

The following virgin plastic resins are suitable for respective maximum temperature ratings

FEP: -50 to 170 °C

PTFE: -50 to 200 °C

PP: 0 to 90 °C

PFA: -50 to 200 °C


Our products are designed to quality as per the standards. Our products are used for applications which may be very hazardous and we provide the best manufacturing systems to provide safest quality products to our customers. Our products are tested as per the specification/standard. Our products which gives total confidence to customers for assured performance, reliability and safety.


We shall always be assistance to select, recommend the appropriate lining material and to design the individual piping and equipment components to replace an existing line or for a new installation. On basis of layout drawings, details of piping arrangement and individual parts and sub assemblies drawings shall be submitted showing all the dimensions and construction arrangements for approval.